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Canon: Classic World of Darkness // Vampire: The Masquerade // Ghoul: Fatal Addiction
Name: Ragnar Solvér Eriksson (Rasmus Jansson // Ryan Butler // Mago - he's used various names over the years. Solvér is an earned byname, Erik was his father's name)
World: Just like our world, only shittier, with supernatural stuff that most humans don't know about.
Timeframe/Location: From a few years BC to about 1870 AD and then again throughout most of the 20th century he's based in (central-ish) Sweden, though he can reasonably have been anywhere where a Scandinavian/Viking/Sweden may have gone and perhaps a bit further. In the decades around 1900 he can be found in London and then North America, and at the end of the 20th century he is at the North American West Coast
Age: Looks like he's in his early twenties
Race: Ghoul, a kind of enhanced human. Specifically he's enhanced by/addicted to drinking vampire blood, which grants him immortality, a few superhuman abilities including healing, and superhuman strength. It also gives him dangerous fits of uncontrollable rage and vampire blood makes you be madly in love with the donor.
Occupation: Various, though he'll always consider himself Odin's priest first no matter what he's doing for a day job.

Other notes of interest:
- [after the end of the Viking Age:] He owns a ghouled (= immortal) dog, Emil (Swedish Vallhund, m), whom he tries to keep around when he can because he is a source of stability.
- History.
- People in his life.

Information for the canon familiar )
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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Kira
AGE: 29
PLAYER JOURNAL: [personal profile] narva
CONTACT: discord: Narva#9949 ; plurk: narwa
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED: Bob Laughs-at-the-storm

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Ragnar Solvér Eriksson

(Solvér is an earned byname, Erik was his father's name.

He has used various other names over the years, of which three stand out the most: Rasmus Jansson, Ryan Butler and Mago. Rasmus is the name that he uses the most often when he's still in Sweden but needs to use a different name for some reason, Ryan is what he uses in English speaking countries for the sake of simplicity, and Mago is a Punic name given to him by his third regnant.)

CANON: Classic World of Darkness (OC)
POINT IN CANON: 1900-ish
AGE: ~2000, looks like he's in his early 20ies


Ragnar is 185 cm tall, blond and has grey-greenish eyes. Physically, he looks very fit but not overly muscular and like he is in his early 20ies. He currently wears his hair short and tries to cultivate what little beard he can without looking ridiculous (it's... not super successful). He favours simple clothes in colours not black, white or grey but will most of all wear what lets him blend into a crowd of middle or higher class individuals most easily, so coming from the 1900 turn of the centuries he's currently wearing a simple, everyday suit with a brown coat over it.


In the beginning there were vampires. And they couldn't get their shit sorted alone, so ghouls happened: Human servants, blood bound to be locked in desperate love with those at whose mercy they are (shit luck that vampires tend to have very small amounts of mercy in their breast pocket), addicted to vampire blood (vitae), only there to perform all the tasks that the vampire in question can't or doesn't want to do, to support their master, or even just for entertainment.

The problem with too many powerful beings in one place is that infighting will invariably happen, and unsurprisingly, that was exactly what the vampires turned to very early on in their existence. Ghouls, of course, kept getting caught up in their masters' problems. Not that most of said masters cared particularly much.

It would take a good long while until all of this reached the sparsely populated wilderness of Scandinavia, though. Even the Kindred (= vampires, as they call themselves) who thought about it looked at the supreme reign that werewolves had over it and noped out of the idea. But then one of them, probably around the time that the Punic wars were waged on the one large-scale attempt of a peaceful coexistence between Kindred and humans and not even elephants could save this little Brujah pet project, one old vampire decided to give it a shot, and was quite successful.

Ragnar still remembers the day when the priest from far, far away (far, far away wasn't necessarily very far in those days, so nobody in the village could really imagine from just how far the man had come) showed up in their village. Rumours spread quickly - he looked so old, so powerful, so strangely not quite human. He must be something else. Paired with physical attributes and people having noticed that he seemed to be able to call upon the ravens and crows of the area, as well as the wolves (and, okay, other animals, but let's focus here) things became clear quickly. He must be the god Odin, the All-High, having come to Earth and deigning to live among them.

Things developed naturally from there, and little Ragnar grew up in an environment that did not only worship the Gangrel Methuselah that had stepped among them as a god, but naturally supported the aspirations of the free-born third son to become this god incarnate's priest. The elder priest that had served the area when Odin had arrived and still mostly performed the same tasks, just with his god in closer proximity now, oddly recommended that Ragnar should get married before being sworn in. Assuming that the old man knew what he was talking about he did so, marrying Ylva, a shieldmaiden from two villages over. He had also been warned that the ghouling process and especially the aftermath of it would be disturbing, and it was - but Ragnar was highly motivated, and grew even more highly motivated when the blood bond took root and his religious, ideological love that he had held for Odin became personal. Sure, his emotions had grown erratic and felt ten times stronger, making them hard to reign in, but he was lucky enough to find outlets for anger and lust and everything else that were socially acceptable. Sure, Odin's treatment of those who served him ...had variants, but none of the stories that he'd heard from childhood on portrayed gods as eternally benevolent, mild-mannered grandpas.

In short, he did well, and was quite happy with his situation. And he was lucky enough to quickly find a favourable spot, first functioning as an emissary and representative as Odin drew his circles of influence wider and wider, and then as a high priest, using the connections that he had made to centralize and solidify cult and power basis. This also had the advantage of keeping him out of most battles (which, obviously, he didn't see as an advantage at that time, hotheaded and eternally in his early twenties as he was).

Meanwhile, Ylva and him enjoyed a marriage that was happy except for their bad luck with children - for one reason or the other, they all died in infancy, except for the last one that was born to them after twenty years of marriage, when Ylva was nearly forty already. The boy was also born at a time when another change came to them: Ylva had been chosen to serve Odin as well. The same eventually happened with their child. They were a happy little ghoul family until Odin started to gather his Valkyries and Ylva was chosen to be one of them. She immediately divorced Ragnar, which both of them considered appropriate to the situation.

Tragedy struck when a group of werewolves attacked the town Odin had by now set up his home in. Due to the time of the day, it was up to the humans to fight them back, and while they managed to at least hold them off until the night, there were many casualties, among them Ragnar and Ylva's son, who suffered too many wounds for him to still heal them. When night came and Ylva found her son dying in her ex's arms, she despaired of seeing her son die and embraced him before heading out to fight the attackers.

Odin wasn't pleased with people just going out and embracing others without so much as a word to him, and both parents were punished - Ragnar might not have done anything, but he had been present and not bodily tried to stop his former wife, and despite being a very valuable ghoul, that was still all he was. Their first punishment was that it was up to them to destroy their son.

It took many years until Ragnar married again. Much had happened in the meantime. The world was at their doorstep now. Time and time again, people from the south, humans and Kindred alike, would try to get a foothold in the area, citing Christianity and trade and all kinds of other things. Ragnar had solidified his position as a resourceful, loyal and well connected vassal with no aspiration past serving Odin as well as he could, smoothly working the space between gods, blood bonded servants and regular humans and being somewhat respected by the Kindred and as close to indispensable as a ghoul could be - his leave would just have left a lot of open ends and thus been a major inconvenience. And he had learned about what Odin truly was, and what the world beyond Scandinavia looked like... without ever letting go of his beliefs. They simply coexisted, forming two parallel worlds.

His second spouse was named Sigrid, and with her he had a number of surviving children, who in turn gave him grandchildren, some of whom ended up ghouled as well. As did his wife - which was a bit of an awkward situation, since Ragnar had run to the one person whom he knew wouldn't be able to turn him down on this when Sigrid seemed like she wouldn't make it after a birth at an advanced age. Ylva. Surprisingly, Ylva decided to keep Sigrid after, apparently amused by just how similar she was to her when she'd been human herself, and even treated her new ghoul well.

Things were going well, until they weren't. The pagan Gangrel around Odin and their human vassals and supporters were steadily and quickly losing ground to Christianity, embodied by mostly Ventrue and some Toreador vampires, and finally Odin went into torpor somewhere unknown. His followers kept fighting, but one after the other, they fell, went into torpor or switched sides.

Ragnar lost everything: His god, his position in life, his entire blood related family, and last but not least his source of vitae - the only thing that he retained was one of Ylva's ghouls, a Vallhund dog named Emil. Once Odin was gone, Ragnar kept to his childer and eventually became Ylva's vassal, swapping his political role for that of a fighter - he'd been both at once back when they called towns what they now called villages, it felt like a return to the roots.

He kept fighting when Odin's forces had dissipated, preying at the fringes of the new "gods", taking what vitae he could get. He easily joined into the efforts of the Inquisition, using a multitude of false names and piggy-backing with dark amusement on the efforts on the hated Christian church to wipe out (all vampires, among them) the equally hated Ventrue (and Toreador), who had helped with bringing it to Sweden.

During this time, he ran into Hanno, a fellow ghoul who was using the chaos to pose as an inquisitor and pick up rightly and falsely accused witches and vampires (and so on) to bring them back to his regnant, Zyabqot, a Brujah Metusaleh who had slowly migrated north over the centuries and wasn't interested in interacting with the world directly under these circumstances. Ragnar and Hanno quickly found that they made a good team for whatever they wanted to do, and while Ragnar was only interested in a part of Hanno's targets, they could compromise. A few things happened during this time: Ragnar lost direction, his blood bond gone and no other followers of Odin left around him - he still considered Odin his god, the one whom he owed allegiance to, but what did that mean now?; he caught said Brujah's eye; the Inquisition started to wane; and he started to feel keenly the disadvantages of only getting to drink the blood of higher generation vampires. All of this culminated in Hanno eventually bringing him back to his regnant, and Ragnar ceasing his orphaned state. He never ceased to think of himself as Odin's, though, and reasoned with himself quite successfully that it would not do to be a dead or useless servant just because he didn't trust his devotion to last against another blood bond (we'll return to this idea later).

Having kind of settled down again, Ragnar allowed himself to follow up on it when a chance to getting married again presented itself - Zyabqot didn't mind. This worked out well for two years, until he came to his senses one night and stared down at the bloody, unmoving body of Alva, his wife, who had tried to shield their crying child from his frenzy. Horrified and confused he found a new home for the miraculously unharmed child, though he followed the fate of the boy and his descendants for a while, making sure that they did well. Hanno explained that the Brujah curse - an increased difficulty to resist frenzies - was passed down to a ghoul with the blood, and Ragnar firmly decided to not marry again while he would be this dangerous to be around.

The next centuries went by. Ragnar saw the Camarilla and the Sabbat grow and establish themselves and tried to keep tabs on them and on what else went on in the Kindred world, but he also kept up with human affairs and to Zyabqot's and Hanno's amusement quietly and steadily supported all remainders of pagan religion that he could find in the greater area of the Scandinavian peninsula, though he did obviously focus on Odin worshippers.

Following the fate of his son's descendants, he at one point followed up with the miraculous disappearance of one of them and found that the young man had been turned into a vampires, specifically a Malkavian, and changed his name to Killing. The ghoul and his great-grandson Kindred didn't quite stay in touch, but kept running into one another and as Killing grew older developed a working relationship based on cautious trust of each other's intentions and mutually assured destruction.

And then, as early modern times turned into modern times, Zyabqot suffered grave injuries fending off an attack by some younger vampires who were after her blood. Her ghouls managed to rescue her weakened body, but she went into torpor after. They hid her well, but... what then? Now it was Ragnar who helped Hanno out, guiding him on the way into independence. The three ghouls (the dog that Ragnar had inherited from Ylva was still on board) did not go back to Ragnar's hunting ways, though. Instead, they became mercenary ghouls, aided by the connections that they had made while their regnant was still awake. Years passed, weakening the blood bond and making Ragnar wonder just how much his loyalty to Odin had faltered while he served Zyabqot. Years passed, and a wave of nationalism washed over Europe, bringing with it a revival of what people imagined to have been old pagan religion. Ragnar, sometimes unsure if he should laugh or cry at some of the ideas that romantics had about the Old Way, rode the waves of this and built on old networks, quickly establishing a vast net of believers and congregations that were at least loosely affiliated with him. It's here that he met Katarina, who quickly grew on him... and who obviously wasn't quite a regular human. They danced around one another for years, but eventually sat down and had a serious talk about what they were and if getting married was a good idea. She didn't like his vampire business, and he was a bit put off by her reality altering business (she was a Verbena mage), but they talked through it and in the end got married and had four children. It was a happy marriage, even though they had to move and finally pretend that he was her nephew instead of her husband to account for his unchanging age, and he stayed in touch with his descendants from her.

When she finally died about thirty years before his pull-point, him and Hanno left Sweden for a few years, travelling Europe and ending up in London, where they met Killing, and stayed for a while. Killing, who had taught Ragnar the first level of Auspex years ago, offered now to teach both ghouls more of it if they helped him travel to America safely (Killing had an issue with leaving places very suddenly at times, which also meant that if he acquired ghouls, he tended to orphan them fairly regularly, so he didn't have anyone reliable at that time). Being on the move anyway, Hanno knowing that Zyabqot would not wake within the century due to her age and Ragnar feeling like it had been an oversight that he had never gotten first hand information on the Americas, the two ghouls agreed to this. A little group of neonates from various clans quickly formed around them, Victorian London having chronic problems with a Kindred overpopulation, and after some organizing, a handful vampires and ghouls were on their way to the USA.

Ragnar will be taken from the end of this journey, not long after having passed immigration.

CANON PERSONALITY: (we want to see your grasp on their personality, their emotions, habits, flaws, relationships, anything and everything, 300-500 words minimum. Especially for OCs, longer is better if you're in doubt.)


Ragnar's position in life is fairly easy to translate into a variety of things: He's a devout priest, a responsible husband and father (the "loving" part is a bit harder, as he has trouble with the concept, but he knows his duties and knows how to have good relations with other people and raise children/train people well), a loyal servant, and used to doing tasks that could translate into that of an ambassador, spokesperson or any kind of social/administrative-in-between. He may also work as a bodyguard, but he wouldn't really translate into a common soldier and not into a position at the top of an organization (unless it is religious and he knows a god/goddess above him even if they aren't present).

If a jaunt has some kind of partner creature, Emil could fill that slot, and otherwise just exist as some kind of companion animal or stay in Liminal.


As a ghoul, Ragnar is a weird mix of a vampire and a human, abilities wise. He can still walk in sunlight, needs to breathe, requires regular food, has a sex drive (and is able to sire children), can heal his wounds naturally with time, and so on; but he also can use vitae (vampire blood) to heal his wounds in a more immediate fashion and even regrow limbs that way, can use disciplines (see below), and is prone to frenzies (losing control of his beast, the aggressive, purely instict-driven power within. It's easier for him to control it than for a vampire, but it also gets triggered a lot more often for him). Unlike vampires, running out of vitae will make him crumble to dust immediately, as he's far outlived his natural life span. He's also a lot squishier than them, but no squishier than a regular human.

In addition to the disciplines that I'll detail below, he also
- can ride and handle a carriage
- can handle current (early 1900s) mechanical and technological appliances at the level that an upper class gentleman interested in new technologies and inventions can be expected to - he can drive a car and use a telephone but would be lost when confronted with any industrial machinery.
- speaks (or spoke and could reactivate) multiple languages (everything from proto-Norse to modern Swedish, and understands Norwegian/Danish/Icelandic; Latin, French, English, German (those will sound outdated as he learned/used them when they were relevant as linguae francae/while he was living in London now); Punic).
- can handle (or used to be able to handle and would be able to reactivate the skill) various bladed and projectile weapons.
- has all the skills that he needs as a priest - he's a charismatic speaker, can manipulate crowds, knows rituals and lore, and has a general manager skillset. He's also versed enough in legal and administrative things to take care of estates and other such assets.
- has a fairly vast, if selective, prejudiced and religiously coloured knowledge about all things Kindred.

His Disciplines include:
Potence (3) - Supernatural strength
Protean (3/5) - Seeing normally in absolute darkness {eyes will glow red}, making claws that cause terrible damage on hands and feet, melting into the earth. He currently has only theoretical knowledge of turning into an animal form (that of a wolf and a raven) and turning into mist because he hasn't drunk vitae of a high enough quality to enable him to use any discipline above level 3 in too long. That said, if he could replicate Odin or Zyabqot's vitae, he would be able to use Protean level 4 and 5 again.
Animalism (1) - Empathic communication with animals, giving orders to animals.
Fortitude (1) - Greater stamina.
Presence (2) - Inspire great awe or great fear in a (group of) target(s)
Celerity (2) - Supernatural speed.
Auspex (1) - Heightened senses, including extrasensory/precognitive flashes.
Discipline use for him is more severely restricted than for vampires because most disciplines burn vitae as an energy source, which he needs to get from a vampire but vampires can produce themselves if they have human blood. And the human blood is just a lot easier to come by than vampire blood. The other restriction is that running out of vitae will put a vampire to sleep but kill a ghoul. Also, since ghouls are a lot squishier than vampires he'll need more vitae for healing.


- Clothes on his back (suit, coat, hat)
- Wallet
* Money (mostly USD, a few Pound)
* Faked passport (Ryan Butler)
* Some family pictures
- Handgun with concealed shoulder holster and ammunition (30 pc)
- Military knife
- Emil (Swedish Vallhund, ghouled dog that he inherited from his second regnant. More intelligent than an average dog, may frenzy, Potence 1, Celerity 2, Fortitude 1)


Ragnar and Laughs are from the same world, but not only have they never lived in the same time period, come from differing developments of metaplot, have no overlap geographically (as in, neither has ever been in a place the other has ever been in) and know nobody that the other knows as well, but they also would have no interest in interacting. The group of vampires that Ragnar has biographically and emotionally been the most naturally attached to, Swedish Gangrel, has a long history of skirmishes and war-like situations with Scandinavian werewolves (Gangrel attached to Odin fighting Get of Fenris werewolves is reflected in the Edda, and around the time that Ragnar is from Swedish Gangrel were too busy fending off werewolves to get involved with Camarilla shenanigans). Ragnar attributes his continued survival to a significant part to never having gotten directly involved in that, and he would very much like to keep it that way, so he'd avoid Laughs. Laughs on the other hand, considering that death isn't final in Syn, would just want to stay away from anything remotely vampiric if he can help it.

M A R K S;

Magician - when Ragnar loses aim, he will keep moving and find a new way to centre himself around the same old goal, even if that has to happen in a very roundabout way. He's generally pretty self-confident and will readily manipulate others and crowds if it serves his purposes.

Emperor - Ragnar's whole moral abilities hinge on observing memories, traditions, rules and a system that he has pieced together for himself (that is, he still has some moral capability outside of that, but it's not really serviceable for everyday use). Also, he's stuck to the same religious system and supported it for about 2000 years now.

Chariot - In a lot of ways like Emperor, but what sticks out as different is the Impulsiveness - Ragnar isn't impulsive by his human nature, but there's always the risk of frenzy somewhere down there...

Strength - Perseverance is the key word here - Ragnar's life has been waiting for a millennium now, and no matter what else happened and changed, he's stuck to waiting for his original regnant's return, trying to be as prepared and ready for it as possible. As much as compassion and kindness aren't real factors in his nature anymore, they still factor strongly into the moral system superimposed on that, which is held high by discipline and inner strength.

VETO: Moon, as Laughs is hers already, and whatever Arcana Kitty gets should she get in.

S A M P L E S;

Timey wimey vaguehandwavey background bakerstreet bullshit.


Ragnar turned around at the sound of steps behind the nearby door leading down into the ship and towards the passenger cabins without taking his arms off the railing. The muffled sound, almost drowned out by the sea below, the seagulls overhead and the ship between waves and sky, sounded distinctly familiar, and he smiled when he saw that he'd been right.

"I had almost lost hope that you'd join me." He turned back to face the approaching skyline in the distance. "What kept you?"

"The usual." Hanno yawned, shrugging his shoulders tiredly. "Slept terribly, and then that kid ...Gordon, I think? Can't tell those two apart - showed up and demanded that I talk to the captain about the arrival arrangements now."

Ragnar hummed, nodding in understanding of the description. Haughty demands to get something done yesterday from rabble that a century back they might have picked off the street to be turned into a snack... But that just was how things worked for them these days. They would change again eventually. Tomorrow, on the small scale, because the group they were travelling with would disperse as soon as they got to New York, from what he could tell. And in a few years, a few decades, a few centuries... well, Odin had to come back eventually. There was no doubt of that, of course not.

In the meantime, he just had to hold out and try to stay on top of things as well as he could. And as much as Hanno had changed since Zyabqot had gone in torpor, he was still an excellent companion and Ragnar hoped that he would stay with him for a long time to come.

"Well." He raised an arm, pointing at the distant skyline. "At least he had a point. We're almost there." Another couple of hours, and they would be ready to disembark. "For a definition of almost, at least."

Hanno groaned and slumped on the railing, his head on his arms, and a companionable silence settled between them. All that could be said had been said on the topic, but Ragnar assumed that Hanno's thoughts followed the same tracks as his own ones.

He didn't really know what to expect of America. Sure, he had heard stories, he'd read books and newspapers, but it still seemed a bit unreal to him. The country was so young, still full of opportunities that were blocked by a presence of history (and, in some circles, the people who had made it) in the old world, malleable to a much greater extent than any place in Europe. Wide lands, which in turn meant lots of wilderness, which wasn't necessarily a good thing, but it also meant many places that one could go to that were far enough away from the next one.

And a whole country to bring the Old Way to, find those who followed it already and proselytize where it wasn't followed yet, people to tell of Odin, networks to build... Knowledge to gather too, of course, and family to visit. A number of Katarina's descendants had emigrated to America around the time of the Great Famine. They of course wouldn't get a visit from Katarina's husband, they would get a visit from a distant cousin, but even so it would be good to hear how they were doing.

The years here would be as busy as they would be short, because neither him nor Hanno wanted to stay away from Scandinavia for long. For both of them everyone truly important was there, after all.


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Ragnar Solvér Eriksson