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Canon: Classic World of Darkness // Vampire: The Masquerade // Ghoul: Fatal Addiction
Name: Ragnar Solvér Eriksson (Rasmus Jansson // Ryan Butler // Mago - he's used various names over the years. Solvér is an earned byname, Erik was his father's name)
World: Just like our world, only shittier, with supernatural stuff that most humans don't know about.
Timeframe/Location: From a few years BC to about 1870 AD and then again throughout most of the 20th century he's based in (central-ish) Sweden, though he can reasonably have been anywhere where a Scandinavian/Viking/Sweden may have gone and perhaps a bit further. In the decades around 1900 he can be found in London and then North America, and at the end of the 20th century he is at the North American West Coast
Age: Looks like he's in his early twenties
Race: Ghoul, a kind of enhanced human. Specifically he's enhanced by/addicted to drinking vampire blood, which grants him immortality, a few superhuman abilities including healing, and superhuman strength. It also gives him dangerous fits of uncontrollable rage and vampire blood makes you be madly in love with the donor.
Occupation: Various, though he'll always consider himself Odin's priest first no matter what he's doing for a day job.

Other notes of interest:
- [after the end of the Viking Age:] He owns a ghouled (= immortal) dog, Emil (Swedish Vallhund, m), whom he tries to keep around when he can because he is a source of stability.
- History.
- People in his life.

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Ragnar Solvér Eriksson